Ecommerce use case

Automatic Banner Generation for eCommerce

Scale high-performing personalized ads with Creative Machine and connect your product catalog

Creative Machine service is designed specifically for the mass creation of banners for eCommerce. You will be able to make creatives for each product individually, with the right price and the right currency for each one of them. All you need is a few clicks to create a design layout in the online editor, or select one of the ready-made templates and connect your product catalog. Example product catalog.

We also recorded a video of how you can use our service for eCommerce:

Use for

Here are some ways you can use Creative Machine for Ecommerce

Facebook Ads

Update Product Catalog

Google Shopping

Banners for Store / Site

Below are some examples of templates:

You are not limited by anything when generating banners. Our service allows you to massively generate hundreds and thousands of creatives.

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