This is an official public roadmap of Creative Machine.

This is not a hard fixed plan. We can adapt it depending on our vision of the product and your offers.

You can vote and suggest new features here.

1. API + Zapier & etc.

REST API support and integration with Zapier and other automation tools.

2. Smart Auto Crop.

Automatically identifies the most important part in your image and crops the image.


3. Free Media Library.

Connect over 3,000,000 free media assets: photo, video, illustrations.

4. Video/Gif Format.

Add the ability to create motion banners.

5. Auto Remove Background.

Automatically remove background from image using AI.

6. New Templates.

Add new banner templates.

7. Upscale Image.

Use ML to improve and enlarge images (x2-x8). No quality loss.

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