Create Mobile Ad Banners – Designing Mobile Display Ads

How to Create Mobile Ad Banners

You can use our Creative Machine online editor to design effective mobile ad banners. You’ll be able to use our service in order to automate the process of designing the mass mobile ad creatives. All you’ll have to do is to choose a template that you like or to generate a new project from scratch. Canvas settings have all the right sizes that you’ll need for your mobile banners.

Mobile Display Ads

The number of mobile internet users increases by the year. It already exceeds the number of desktop internet users. The same goes for digital advertising. This is exactly why it is so crucial for you to use the mobile ads for your business.

As you can see from the graph above, the ad spending would keep increasing. The income from these ads would also keep increasing.

Now is the perfect time for you to start using the mobile ads, unless you’re already using them. But you’ll need to make sure that you have the high-quality banners.

How to design mobile ad banners

It’ll be easy for you to design your ads, using our Creative Machine App. Create the perfect ads for any mobile device. With our service you’ll be able to easily create an effective ad of any format. You can either make each of your ad creatives individually or you could also make an awesome template and then use this template to generate your banners en masse.

In order to do this, you’ll only have to follow these simple steps:
1. Create a new project for your ads with a template in it.
2. Choose the canvas size that works for you. Look through our collection of templates and pick the one you like.
3. Add your images, write an ad copy, select the right call-to-action. You could even upload your own custom font.
4. Download the ad banner. Or generate a massive number of mobile creatives in the product feed format.
5. Use these creatives for your ads, e.g. Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

What are the main features of mobile ad banners?

Let’s take a look at what makes the mobile ad banner different from all the other banners. What do you have to take into account when you’re designing them?

  1. Mobile creative takes up most of the screen on a device. This happens because the mobile screen itself is significantly smaller that a desktop screen. This makes the mobile ad more noticeable. Some mobile ad placements allow you to take up an entire screen of a mobile device with your ad. I.e. stories placement in Facebook Ads or Interstitial Ads in Google. This will raise your CTR to the phenomenal 5-10%!
  2. Your ad in the only one on the screen. Usually there’s only one ad on a mobile screen, so a user would not see your ad next to your competitor’s ad. This happens simply because there isn’t enough space on the mobile screen to fit both of them at the same time. This is not the same for desktop computers, though. Desktops show few different ads on a screen at the same time.
  3. Mobile banners have the ability to use the geolocation for better targeting. Mobile targeting is more precise, since you’re able to target a specific region, city or a geolocation. Take this into account when designing your mobile banners and personalize it based on the user’s location.

As you can see, mobile advertising has its own, unique features. Take them into account when you design your ad banners.

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