Lifetime Deal

Update: We have completed our LTD promotion.

We, Max and Philipp, we are developing this service.
Philipp is a first-class engineer with extensive experience and is responsible for the entire technical part of the service. I (Max) have a lot of experience in marketing and analytics. I play the role of a product manager in the project, I am responsible for marketing and other organizational issues.

Creative Machine lets you automated banner generation based on any of your data (images, product feed, etc). You can automate the generation of images for e-commerce, social media or any other of your tasks. At the moment, the service can work with static images, but in the future we plan to add support for video and gif formats. Then you can generate videos for Youtube or Instagram Story Videos, for example.
We want to announce that we are out of beta. We’ve added the necessary features and fixed critical bugs.

Now we want to offer you an exclusive Lifetime Deal (LTD), as for our early adopters.
For $39, you get lifetime access to the service on the Professional plan (regular price $19/mo or $168/an). The Professional plan allows you to generate up to 500 banners per month and have access to premium features such as uploading custom fonts, etc.
Read more on the pricing page.

We plan to sell only 250 lifetime licenses. Use promo code: LTD2020

Update: We have completed our LTD promotion.

licenses left:​


To buy a LTD license you need:
1. Log in ->
2. Go to the payment page and select the Lifetime access tariff.
3. Apply the promotional code LTD2020 and make a payment.

All the money received from these sales will be used to further develop the service. We will increase server capacity and add many new features, such as API and integration with Zapier, auto remove background, upscale image, etc. More details can be found in our roadmap.

We are open for feedback and suggestions. So help us with your wise suggestions and feedback so that we can create a more awesome and helpful service.

Use Cases

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the Creative Machine.

E-commerce stories

Travel posts

Booking & Real Estate banners

Update: We have completed our LTD promotion.


Some of our features are listed below.

Our convenient Drag-and-Drop Editor makes banner creation a snap. Use dynamic elements from your product catalog.

Easily create one awesome template and generate any number of ad dynamic creatives with one click.

About 1000 standard fonts are available in Creative Machine.
And if you need, you can upload any of your custom fonts.

You can upload source materials from a local computer or with the help of Product Catalog by URL and download generated banners.

We use dynamic layers. You can select any object from your data (e. g. price or image product). And on each banner different content will be displayed.

You can easily adjust your image opacity, blur, brightness, HUE, saturation, lightness, RGB.

Terms: the lifetime period equals the lifespan of the project (Creative Machine). The purchase is non-refundable. Refunds are possible up to 30 days. The LTD sale will continue until all the supply of 250 subscriptions is sold. This terms of sale may be changed.

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