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Facebook Banner Creator

Creative Machine makes it easy to create effective banner ads for Facebook Ads in just a few minutes. There’s a simple and user-friendly online editor for that. You can either create your own unique design or select an existing template from our collection. You’ll be able to upload images and use a great variety of different fonts. It’s fully online and free!

Facebook is a huge opportunity to find new customers for your business. All you have to do is literally run your ads there. 50-80% of your success depends on the creative that you use, so you really have to pay attention to that. Create Facebook banner ads, posts, covers and more, that turn into profit and huge ROI.

Automated bulk creation of banners

This doesn’t end on just creating the single banners. You could also automate this process and create banners en masse. This will definitely save you a lot of your time. Use this program to achieve fantastic results in advertising!

You can use the Creative Machine in the few different ways:

1. To connect your Product Catalog to a list of your products or services and then automatically create a banner for each of these offers. You’ll be able to use a unique photo, price, discount, name, etc. for each one of them.

2. Export the result as a new Product Catalog and connect it to Facebook Ads.

3. You can also use our creator to automate the process of creating different sizes of banners. It usually takes too long to do this manually.

How our banner creator works

1. Create an account and then choose to create a new project.

2. Set the size of your canvas. Just simply choose one of our preset formats, e.g. Facebook Carousel Ads (1080 x 1080). Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember every size.

3. Choose one of our existing Facebook templates or create your own from scratch.

4. Upload your own images, add text, call-to-action, etc. Or connect your own Product Feed, if you have one.

5. Generate and export the result. You can either download your banners or create a link to your Product Catalog with new banners.

It won’t take long to see the result of your new ads. You’ll generate a ton of new visitors, a lot of sales, high profit and the ROI!

Give our platform a try today!

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