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Banner Ads Maker for E-commerce

If ecommerce ads are something that you’re doing for living, then you’re aware of the importance of the banner creation process. Recent study shows that 50-80% of your success in promotion depends of the good ad creatives. This means that you have to be serious about the banner’s creation process.

Our Creative Machine service is designed specifically for the mass creation of banners for ecommerce. You will be able to make creatives for each product individually, with the right price and the right currency for each one of them. All you will need is the few clicks in order to connect your Product Feed and make the template that you will use to generate all the banners.

Features of creating e-commerce ad creatives

You will run into some difficulties when you will be dealing with ecommerce projects. There are specific things that you will have to do when you’re creating your ads. To be more specific:
1. The large number of different products. It will take too much time to create each banner individually if you have the large product selection. But it’s an important thing to do, if you want to have effective ads. The right solution would be to automate the process of making creatives.
2. If your prices change often. In this case you will have to keep making new banners with new prices, otherwise you might upset your users.
3. Different currencies. If you have an international online-store, it would be better for you to show ads in user’s local currency.
4. Temporary discounts. In this case you would have to change the design to show these discounts. E.g. if you would have Blackfriday discounts, your banner’s design will need to show this.
5. Different formats. Different placements require different size banners. This increases the amount of ecommerce banners that you will have to create.

The only way to create so many different banners is to have the right tools that will automate the process. You’ll also need to have your Product Catalog.

A Dynamic Creative for Popular Shopping Platforms

Our Creative Machine service allows you to make the dynamic creatives for all popular ecommerce platforms. All you would have to do is to make a Product Feed on your platform in the csv or xml format. Then you will need to connect your feed to our service.

Here’s the list of some of the platforms that we can work with:
✅ Shopify.
✅ WooCommerce.
✅ BigCommerce.
✅ Magento.
✅ Volusion.
✅ Squarespace.

Default tools for dynamic ads / shopping campaigns

The large advertising platforms have free, built-in tools that you can use to create dynamic ads or shopping campaigns. E.g. Facebook Ads or Google Ads. But these tools are limited:
❌ Limited functionality would not allow you to create an awesome design. The banner’s customization is very minimal here.
❌ There is no image pre-processing. You can’t change the contrast or brightness, there’s no smart resize, etc. Images in Product Catalog have too much of an extra background space and you can’t crop it.
❌ You would not be able to export several different elements (products) simultaneously from your Product Feed.
❌ You can’t download the result (i.e. creatives) on your computer in case you would also want to use them on other advertising platforms.

If you don’t want to have all these restrictions, then you should use an external Creative Ad Builder for your Ecommerce Banners.

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