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Free Online Generator of Facebook Ad Creatives

You couldn’t really overestimate the importance of banners in Facebook Ads. In fact, 50-80% of your success depends on them. Therefore, to get high results with Facebook Ads (ROI, ROAS) you’ll need to test a lot of different ad creatives. It can be anywhere from several dozen to hundreds or even thousands of different creatives, depending on the area in which you work (e-commerce, travel, dating, etc).

In order to do that, you can use our creative generator – Creative Machine. This way you will have an automated generation of your Facebook ad banners. Choose one of the templates from our collection for free or create your own from scratch in the online editor.

Then you will need to upload your images and copy. These will dynamically change for each banner. You can use your product catalog (csv, xml) with data about your goods or services as a copy for your ads. If you do not have one, then just simply upload the images that you’re going to use (such as photos of goods).

Creative Machine will then generate a lot of creatives for your Facebook Ads based on the data that you’ve provided. You will only need to download the final result. Or you could also export the updated product catalog with new creatives and then connect it to your Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads.

Some Ideas for Your New Facebook Ads Creatives

Let’s now talk about finding the ideas for your Facebook ad designs (templates). This is necessary, because you will need to test a lot of different creatives before you find the winning one.

1. A Collection of Templates in the Creative Machine. Log in, choose a template that you like and customize it for your own business for free. Each of our templates had been created by designers and marketers. During our research we studied thousands of Facebook ads and Google ads of some large corporations. Therefore, our templates are not only nice-looking but are efficient as ads.

2. Good old brainstorm. Gather together everyone who is involved with your ads project. Start coming up with new ideas and write them down, even if they don’t seem sane or logical. Write them all down. Then take each of these ideas and decide whether you’ll use it or not. Put them in order of importance. This method is very effective. The most important thing is that people need to be interested in it.

3. Look at banners of your competitors. You can do this here: . Simply type in the name of your competitor’s Facebook Page. Keep in mind that it’s not the good idea to just copy-paste the design of your competitor. Study the best ads that you find and then create even better ones! Or take some ideas from different ads and combine them together.

4. Find the successful cases on Google. Search for something like, “Facebook Ads Success Story” on Google. Many agencies and companies are frequently publishing successful cases of their ads on the Internet. Find the ones that are relevant to your niche. Study them.

Generate and test your ad creatives properly

Once you generate a lot of creatives for your Facebook Ads, it’s important that you test them and see which one of them actually work.

1. If you have many banners, it’s better to import them into your Facebook Ads using the Product Catalog. It’ll be faster this way.

2. It’s better to analyze a particular style (template), rather than analyzing every single banner on its own. For example, style #1 is a red frame with a green button. Style #2 is an orange background with a red price tag. Each of these styles could actually have hundreds of different banners. Thus, you first need to analyze the overall KPI (ROI, ROAS, CPA, CPI, etc.) for every template. Find the most efficient one. You could also compare a template + geo. Or a template + category of goods. This way you will find a winning creative template and which countries these creatives perform best into.

3. Check some of the creatives that you generated, so as to make sure that they look exactly what you wanted them to look like. Make sure there are no errors before uploading them into your Facebook Ads.

That’s it. Use the creatives generator – Creative Machine. Wish you the best ROI and good profit!

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