Creative Machine βeta

Ad creatives template editor, mass automated.
Easily create one awesome template and generate any number of ad dynamic creatives with one click.

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Our service is an online graphics editor that makes it easy to massively create personalized ad creatives and designs. You can upload source materials from a local computer or with the help of data feed by URL and download generated designs based on your design layout (template), even hundreds and thousands.
For any advertising source
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Snap Ads
Unity Ads
For any vertical
Huge variety of products?
Different countries, languages, currencies?

Now you can quickly and easily create hundreds or thousands of new creatives for any country, with the right currency and language.
Customize banners for some kind of action, for example, Black Friday.
Combine the goods at your discretion.
Test different designs and formats.
Burn out creatives?
Need to constantly update?

Upload new photos massively and create any combinations of creatives from them.
Customize to the necessary languages.
There are no restrictions on design.
Apply any filters to increase attractiveness.
Millions of directions?
Thousands of hotels and tours?

Combine any option.
Localize in the necessary direction.
Add photos of target countries and cities for personalization.
Working with mobile or desktop traffic?
Using a lot of creatives?
Looking for static and video creatives?

Use growth points through mass creation of banners.
Suitable for any traffic (web / mobile) and most verticals that require a large number of creatives.
Implement any of your ideas for creatives.
Saving money & time by at least 20-30%
According to our data, on average 20-30% of the time of a marketer / media buyer goes to development of advertising creatives. You can save this time (money), or achieve greater results for the same time. In reality, time saving will be several times higher (in some cases by x10 orders), because a person simply can not master such volume of creatives (thousands of pieces) manually in a reasonable time period.
How it works
1. Add a catalog
Connect the catalog (objects feed) to the URL or create it from local files and upload to the service.
2. Use the online editor
Create a layout. Use dynamic fields from the catalog. Or order the development of the layout from a professional designer.
3. Get the result
The service will generate creatives. And you can upload them to the advertising systems.
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Save time
Of your marketer or designer to develop creatives.
Flexibility, ease of change
Make any changes to the layout, make one click and re-created hundreds and thousands of creatives.
Boosted work efficiency
Or vice versa, creating a significant number of creatives at the same time.
Reduced probability of errors
When working manually with huge number of banners, it is easy to make mistakes. When concentration is lost, the likelihood of making an error increases.
Reduced routine
Less routine - more time for intellectual tasks. Reducing the "burnout" of specialists.
Ease of use
The interface is simpler and more understandable compared to such complicated graphic editors as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, etc.
Fast results
Catalog of design mockups is available.
You can order it directly from designers.
Support for data relevance
When prices or exchange rates change, creatives can be re-created and updated in advertising systems.